Q&A Athlete Spotlight: Marcus Coleman
Marcus Coleman on his breakout season in 2022:

"It meant a lot because I’ve been grinding for the past three years to get up on that podium. Getting to the podium was a really special feeling. It felt like all my hard work has started to pay off. I feel like it was just putting in all that hard work through the years, and it all adds up."

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Q&A Athlete Spotlight: Maya Nelson
Maya Nelson's three-word mantra:

"Striving through adversity. My career has often been riddled with so much adversity both on and off the mat. I can strive through that and any injuries or family emergencies that I’m going through. Those are definitely the three words that will stick with me even after wrestling. When you’re in a match, the adversity is right in front of you, and you have to strive through that. Wrestling has helped me a lot in the real world. Knowing you’re worthy and you’re capable and that you will make it through all of this."
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Q&A Athlete Spotlight: Lucas Byrd  |  Chain Wrestling

Lucas Byrd on what inspires him to keep going:

"The fans. After I lost my first match at nationals, I was mentally in a bad place before the match, and after that, it just got worse. I wish I could find the guy. I don’t know who he was, but he just kept yelling, "Come back for third, come back for third.” Many people push me, like my girlfriend, my parents and my coaches. But outside of my family, that guy in the stands is someone I wish I could thank. And then, after my DeSanto match, I saw a kid in the stands with his parents, and he gave me a nod, and I gave him a nod back. At that point, I was like “I’m doing it for these guys now.”

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Q&A Athlete Spotlight: Austin Gomez
Austin Gomez on what drives him to reach the top:

"My little brother Santiago passed away when I was 11 years old. He was my only brother. I’m living it every day for him 'cause I know that’s what he would do with his life. Everything I do is for him. I think about him and what life would be like if he was still here. But I think about it positively, so that's what I'm doing every day of my life for him."
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Q&A Athlete Spotlight: Richard Perry

Richard Perry summing up his motto on and off the mat:

"Never backed down. I think it’s important to know that I always faced challenges and adversity willingly. I would seek out tough training partners or tough competition; I never dodged an opponent for any reason.  I always looked forward to the challenge because I knew it would make me a better wrestler and a better person."

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