Q&A Athlete Spotlight: Ty Eise

Q&A Athlete Spotlight: Ty Eise

An interview by Brogan Louden

Entering only his junior year in high school, Ty Eise has made quite the name for himself at both the high school and national level. 

Hailing out of wrestling powerhouse Ponderosa High School in Colorado, Eise is a two-time state finalist, having won his first state title in dominant fashion during the 2022-2023 season. Ty’s accomplishments in both folk style and freestyle competition have propelled him into the national spotlight.

He is currently ranked ninth nationally at 170 pounds and is the highest ranked underclassman at that weight class. In addition to his performance on the mat, Eise has also become one of the first high school wrestlers to sign an NIL deal with Chain Wrestling, helping support and grow his personal brand. 

As Ty looks to continue to improve and adding to his strong resume of achievements, here's what he had to say about joining the Chain Wrestling team and his career thus far.

Q: Why did you decide to team up with Chain Wrestling?

A: I decided to team up with Chain Wrestling because it was an opportunity to work with a great company that supports athletes and for me to expand my own brand and put myself out there.

Q: What has it been like being able to be one of the first high school wrestlers in the nation to have an NIL deal? What impact has it had on your career?

A: It’s been great working with Chain Wrestling and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. It has been a great learning experience from a business standpoint. I had to work with the governing body of Colorado High School sports to make sure we were doing everything properly. I’m excited about the potential for other athletes.

Q: How did you become involved with wrestling and when did you decide to fully commit yourself to the sport?

A: I started wrestling when I was 3 years old. My brother was who got me into wrestling; he started young, and of course, I wanted to be like my older brother so I followed his footsteps. I was a multi-sport athlete until I got into middle school, and that’s when I was fully committed to wrestling, dropping baseball to only focus on wrestling.

Q: Competing for a school that has such a rich wrestling history, what has it meant for you to be able to come in and directly make an impact and solidify your name? What would you attribute Ponderosa’s continuous success towards?

A: Wrestling for Ponderosa High School has been a dream of mine since I was young and wrestling for their youth program. I was blessed to be able to come in and make an impact on the program. The room is full of great wrestlers and we all push one another. Our continued success is a direct reflection on the coaches we are fortunate enough to have. We have one of the best coaching staffs in the nation.

Q: Who are some people you would credit most for the success you have been able to achieve and your overall growth in the sport?

A: All my current high school coaches have pushed me into the current wrestler I am today, and my dad has always pushed and supported me throughout my career.

Q: Do you believe that being recognized at the national level as only a high school sophomore has added any excess pressure to perform, or has it only made you more eager to prove yourself and continue making your presence known?

A: Being recognized at the national level has been the best thing to happen to me; it gave me self confidence which is what I was lacking all my freshman year, and yes, it makes me more eager to prove myself to everyone.

Q: Although it’s still early in your high school career, have you started to look into and consider any colleges yet? What are some aspects you will be looking for when you start to progress through that process?

A: I have a fully open mind for colleges currently, and I’m excited to start the recruiting process in June. I’m looking for a college that I will enjoy spending four years of my life at and will surround myself with a good community and one that can help me further develop as a wrestler.

Q: What are some of your short-term and long-term goals that you have moving forward? What are some of your biggest driving factors that push you to achieve more?

A: A short term goal of mine for high school is to be dominant throughout the next two years of my high school career. A long term goal would be to win a national title at the D1 collegiate level.


Q: Do you feel that competing in freestyle has been fundamental for developing your wrestling? Do you have a preference in which style you like you better? Why?

A: I do think freestyle has had an impact on my wrestling, it’s taught me to scramble in tough positions without exposing my back. I also prefer freestyle more because I think there is more action in freestyle. 

Q: Outside of wrestling, what do you enjoy doing? What is something that you want other people to know about you, that they may not know already?

A: Outside of wrestling I enjoy fishing, pickleball and golf.


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About the author: Brogan Louden
Brogan Louden, a 2022 graduate of Shippensburg University, is from the great state of Pennsylvania. Growing up his entire life surrounded by some of the best wrestling in the nation, he quickly discovered his strong passion and love for the sport. Now, he is looking to pursue a career in wrestling media to help bring more awareness and excitement to the sport.